Check Your Eligibility

Big Data Council is an invitation-only forum for the elite group of analytics leaders. To be a part of this motive, you should meet certain criteria. Our committee of experts will carefully examine the applications and respond in 5 business days.

The candidate should be:

  • CEO, CIO, Founder, or Head of the analytics or data science unit of an organization.

Potential members should have:

  • Over 20 employees working under them.
  • Business should generate a revenue of $1 Million per annum.
  • At least three years of experience in leadership roles.
  • Extensive engagement in data science innovations.
  • Company presence in more than 1 country.
  • At least 3 Fortune 500 clients.

If you think you pass through at least four out of the six mentioned requirements, please fill out the below form. The information you share here will only be viewed by our internal team. Remark: Meeting the mentioned criteria alone doesn’t guarantee the membership acceptance.

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