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Big Data Council is a part of the leading artificial intelligence, big data and analytics publication- Analytics Insight. The Analytics Insight Magazine features opinions and views from top leaders and executives in the industry who share their journey, experiences, success stories, and knowledge to grow profitable businesses.

By being a member of the Big Data Council, you will get an exclusive opportunity to showcase your interview in our magazine along with other top industry leaders and front-running companies. You will get a 3-page coverage with your image and your company logo highlighting the feature. The interview will be published both on the digital and web version of the magazine, and shared on social media (tagging your accounts and company accounts). 

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Have you ever wondered that you have an amazing idea or a solution to complex issues but have no source to express it? If yes, then you are not making the full out of your talent. Analytics Insight provides you with an amazing source to showcase your tech perspectives and thoughts. Through this unadulterated and non-promotional content, you will create your own set of regular readers who will be eagerly waiting for your next update. In the digital world, building a good audience for your stories will help you enhance your business and ideologies.


Displaying your articles in Analytics Insight will go way beyond making hype. It will help readers, especially, our premium regulars, to understand the market scenario and tech developments better than ever before. Your first-hand experience stories will give them a real-world outlook on tech initiatives. Being a regular contributor at Analytics Insight will help you portray yourself as a trailblazing leader striving for innovation.


Get the opportunity to share twelve articles every year. Writing one article a month is no big deal. Even if you have trouble putting your thoughts into words or don’t know where to begin, our editorial team will be more than happy to help. Reach out to us and get your mind cleared from all the complexities you have while writing. 

Connect with Like-Minded People

Connect with Like-Minded People 

Starting a business in the digital world where everything is powered by technology must be tiring. You might be desperately seeking executive peers who can answer your tech-related queries. Big Data Council functions as the intersection where you can spend time with like-minded people and get their perspectives on your concern.


No more wasting time on the internet looking for experts. Our exclusive conversations and debates by industry-leading enthusiasts focus on the most pressing topics in the tech sphere. It helps you connect with the people addressing similar queries and challenges.  

Fast-Track Your Success with Us

Everyone deserves great knowledge in tech. Analytics Insight’s market focus remains on disruptive technologies. The market analysis of these technologies helps key decision-makers across organizations and enterprises predict emerging trends, build comprehensive strategies, improve existing products and solutions, plan market expansion and reach the right customers.


Analytics Insight platform uses extensive market research, historical data and algorithms to pinpoint emerging trends and future growth opportunities and help organizations determine where to compete. We help decision-makers innovate technology processes and predict sales with the ability to sense, react and adapt to changing market conditions. We also unleash market-best surveys, reports and whitepapers at good intervals.


Our surveys are based on the real-world responses of people from students to leading company heads. We publish in-depth market analysis reports and white papers on all emerging technologies. By keeping a tab on our recent deliverables and following the suggestions, you can attain success easily. Our well-researched and holistic approach ensure end-to-end coverage for readers who are dealing with disruptive technologies. 

Idea Exchange and Thought Leadership

Idea Exchange and Thought Leadership

Technology has forever altered the way we live and work. The talks on value-based innovation, new opportunities and revenue growth never fail to excite the audience. But keeping up with this fast-evolving tech sphere is like catching lightning in a bottle. That’s why we are here. 


Analytics Insight provides an extended opportunity for everybody to learn from the success stories of industry leaders who have delivered practical results and leveraged high-impact digital solutions. Through our outstanding podcast series and leader-based interviews, you can learn about the successes and challenges of the industry. You can both be the learner and the contributor in our podcast and interview corner. Be the one to answer hypothetical questions or get answers from industry peers and experts through this amazing session. Your presence at Big Data Council will act as a forum to discuss and receive tangible advice on digital implementation. 

Be a Part of Our Surveys

With technology issues increasingly permeating the professional services sector, our survey acts as a catalyst to identify red flags in advance and mitigate the challenges before it is too late. We help you analyze the performance and locate areas where you can make improvements to your tech products and services. This research method offers useful insights and can help companies build a good relationship with consumers.


Besides taking valuable lessons from our surveys, you can also be a part of this initiative. We constantly come up with a list of questions used to gather information on a specific topic from a particular demographic or across the globe. We ask participants to answer a series of multiple-choice or open-ended questions. Later, we convert the numbers and responses to actionable insights and convey it in easy-to-understand summaries and graphs. You can either be a part of this motive to enlighten your peers or use the perceptions to improve future products and actively analyze customers. 

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As an influential platform dedicated to insights, trends, and opinion from the world of data-driven technologies, Analytics Insight monitors developments, recognition, and achievements made by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics companies across the globe. In the digital-centric era, it is essential for every individual to keep track of the constant changes and to have a clear idea of what’s next. At Analytics Insight, we do it for you. We compile trending information, career-oriented advice, market-best course and insights from c-suite leaders.


By being a part of the Big Data Council, you will get a free subscription to the Analytics Insight platform. You will also be on a bandwagon of elite leaders who can take part in our original reporting and commentary. 


Our virtual events like panel discussions and conferences are conducted on topics most relevant to you. These events act as a platform to include you in our discussions. For members of the Big Data Council, we allow participation in the conversations, put out their opinions and clear their doubts with industry experts. You will get an invitation every time we hold such amazing events. 

What We Do Here

In an effort to make digitization reach every corner of the world, we provide a trusted voice for the global technology industry. The Big Data Council comprises the full spectrum of tech companies and trailblazing leaders who speak out their hearts for the benefit of others. We aim to advise and engage with industry front-runners to help support the ongoing creation, adoption and development of technology across every walk of life. 

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As a member of the Big Data Council, you will get access to Analytics Insight web badges, membership certificates and online decals. With these, it will be easy to portray your affiliation with the Analytics Insight community on your website, publications and digital signatures, and also for business progress. 

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